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Four-year old songwriter

January 30, 2008

My 4-year old “wrote” his first song while taking a bath one morning.  After his bath, he told me about his song and then sung it for me.  It had two verses:


“God is holding us,

God is holding us,

God is holding us. 

He will never drop us, no.

He will never drop us, no.

He will never drop us, no.”


Later that day, I asked him what made him think of those words.  He then showed me the Cedarmont Kids video where the kids are singing “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands.”   He pointed out to me at the end of the video, there was a picture of a huge hand holding the earth.  He said that was God’s hand holding us.  How precious is his faith… I hope he never loses that.


Too young to get baptized?

January 29, 2008

What is the right age for a child to understand the truth about salvation?  It is a concept that even adults can struggle with.  Recently our family was discussing in the book of Mark when John The Baptist baptized Jesus.  Our 5-year old wanted to know more about what being baptized means.  We believe in baptism by immersion so we explained to him how that is done.  He was less than thrilled to learn what it involves.  He is a worrier and frets over things at times.  Since then he has been asking questions about baptism.  He has never questioned that someday he will choose to be baptized.  We have told him he does not  need to think about it too much until he is a little older.  I do believe, however, that he has a fairly good grasp of God’s grace and forgiveness and the price Christ paid on the cross for our sins. 

On a funny note, yesterday he found his swimming goggles while we were cleaning up around the house.  He looked at them for a while and seemed to be thinking about something.    Then he said, “Mommy, when I go baptizing, can I wear my goggles?”.  It seems he felt that it would help alleviate his fears of going under the water if he could wear his goggles.  🙂

Bedside Baptist

January 27, 2008

I missed church today with a sick child, so I went to Bedside Baptist (got my sermon on tv) today and listened to Dr. Charles Stanley.  The sermon today was on the Holy Spirit.  This is one I needed to hear, not that I do not need to hear most sermons.  I went to a support group for homeschooling moms recently and listened to an inspiring testimony from a mom who spoke of how she relies totally on the Holy Spirit in everything, including finances.   Since that evening, my thoughts have been centered around what is it that is missing in my life that I do not hear the Spirit like she does.  Is it that I am not listening?  Is there too much noise in my life that I cannot hear HIM?  Am I just too independent to want to lean on HIM?  I believe it is a combination of all the above and then some.   If you read this and you have thoughts about why a person does or does not hear the Holy Spirit, I would love to hear your comments. 

Hello world!

January 27, 2008

I just heard about two boys who were on flag duty at their elementary school and decided to see if their tongues would stick to the flag pole in the cold weather.  Guess what?  It is not a myth!  Maybe they should have called Myth Busters? 

Hi.  This is my first post and after hearing that on the news, it became my first topic to discuss.  Some people will not believe things until they experience it for themselves.  Unfortunately, sometimes that means they will experience some pain or worse yet, possibly death.  Another story on the news was about four teenage girls who were joyriding on a hilly road and got airborn, crashed into a stone pillar, bounced off and caught fire.  None were killed, amazingly, but a couple were in critical condition.  It seems this road is popular for teens because if you drive fast enough, you can get “air” on the hills.  I have read how our brains are not done maturing until we are in our 20s which is why some young people make bad choices like that.  Yet, we let them drive cars as young as sixteen.  I’m sure there are many grieving parents who wonder now if sixteen is a wise age.   As my oldest nears that age, I’m sure her dad and I will be looking at that a lot closer. 

Well, time for me to go to sleep.  My five-year old has pneumonia so he might be up during the night if his fever goes back up again.pneumonia