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Exercise costs money!

May 16, 2008

Hi there.  I am posting these confessions as an entry to win a Wii console PLUS the new Wii Fit balance board and game over on Three Kid Circus.   Heaven knows my purchases of fitness equipment did not result in my becoming fit.   Probably the largest waste of money I ever spent was for the fancy-schmancy treadmill.  It is programmable, can incline, take your pulse, etc.  We’ve had it well over 10 years.  How many times has it been used, you ask?  Less than 12.  I used it about 3 times total.  It looks brand new.  It has been residing in our garage for the past few years.  Made a great clothes rack while it was in the house.  We’ve offered it to my brother who I’m sure will get more use out of it (ha).  Until I read the post on the link above, I had forgotten about the stairmaster that I bought from a t.v. commercial.  I used it a few times before it started squeaking with each step.  Needless to say, that noise did not induce me to exercise.  Then there is the electronic jump rope that is still in the package.  But, it was ON SALE!  Clearance, even!  So that wasn’t a bad deal right?  My two sets of dumbbells are hiding in our closet… I was afraid the kids would hurt themselves with them since they have not learned how to correctly use them by watching anyone in this house.  I bought a pedometer once.  I never felt like setting it up to recognize my gait.  It is still around here somewhere.  I think.  I keep finding the instruction book, but  haven’t seen the little gadget recently.  I am pretty sure I just automatically get enough walking time in around the house.  Don’t you think?  What with all the trips to the kitchen and the laundry room and all.  I bought an exercise mat last year.  After all, if it makes the floor softer, I’ll be more likely to watch the exercise show on the tv, right.  I’ve watched that show a few times and never felt like I got much out of it.  Maybe if the toys on the floor weren’t in the way, I could have participated.  Sigh.   I’m worn out just thinking about all this exercise.  I think it’s time to go to bed.  Thanks for reading!