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I need help

April 10, 2008

At first, I was excited to learn that Lysa’s latest Swap & Hop was about an organization challenge.  I got out my camera and went around my house taking pictures of the places I need help.   Okay, so I won’t mention how many pictures I took or how many rooms in our house I took pictures of.  Oh my mercy could I be the poster child for having organization challenges. 

I went through the pictures and settled on one room that I really do not know what to do about.  This room was previously our living room.  Then it was changed into a bedroom for a few months (which explains why it has two doors).  I need this room to serve as a library/school/piano room.  A wonderful family from church is blessing us with their piano.  This room is also home to our china cabinet/hutch.   I just recentlly started homeschooling and have no idea how to organize our school stuff. 

This first picture was taken from the door that leads to the dining room.  The second door can be seen on the left wall.  Just to the left in this picture is an antique desk (yes, it is buried in clutter).  On the far wall is a bookcase.


This second picture is taken from the second doorway.  It shows the front window, the china cabinet/hutch and in the far corner is a small stereo with CD rack.  Behind the door on the right is a small bookcase and the antique desk I mentioned before.  This desk is home to my modem and wireless router. 

This third picture takes us back to the door leading to our dining room.  Behind it is another bookcase. 

Last week, I moved several boxes and storage containers of “school supplies” out of this room so I would have room to “organize”.  Ok, so now what?  I need to get our school supplies organized in this room plus make room for a piano.  I also would like to store photos and scrapbooking supplies in this room, but that might not be possible.  We do not use this room for doing school but it is where I need to be ORGANIZED.  Any suggestions from anyone would be most welcome!  Moving to a larger home is not an option.  I need Help!